Great! You've been invited and accepted onto Mav Farm Enterprise. Now you can monetize your business, content, and collaborations with other organizations and creators on Mav Farm.

Below are next steps to complete onboarding and creating your collaboration:

  1. Download & create an account on .show using your phone number to sign up. You’ll use this phone number and account to log into and sign up for Mav Farm Enterprise.

  2. If you haven't already, be on the look out for an invite to your email. Once you receive the invite in your inbox:

    1. Click on Review Invite

    2. On the Create Your First User page, dismiss all fields and click on Already have an account? Login (You already created an account on .show)

    3. Log In to Mav Farm using phone number used for .show account

    4. You’ll be asked to enter account information. Make sure to select Individual as org type. You can also use your name as Org Name and username as Org Display Name

    5. Once logged in, make sure to complete your profile and add a bank account to be able to transfer any money you make. You can do this at any time.

  3. Once your collaboration partner is ready, you can create a video release by following these steps. You can copy embed code or video URL to paste in link in bio, swipe up. You’ll make money from any sales from the video.

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