Shipping label overview

Shipping labels are attached to a shipment's packaging. They show information that's used by shipping carriers to ensure a shipment is delivered correctly. Labels contain the following pieces of information:

  • Recipient's name, address, and phone number - This lets the carrier know where to deliver the shipment, and provides a way to contact the recipient if necessary.

  • The sender's address - This lets the carrier know where to return the shipment if it can't be delivered to the recipient's address.

  • A barcode - This helps the carrier track the shipment's progress. For example, the barcodes are scanned whenever they enter or leave a carrier's facility.

Shipping labels can also show the following extra information:

  • The shipment's order number

  • A tracking number

  • The date when the order was shipped

  • The type of shipping service that was purchased

  • The shipping carrier's information

Types of shipping labels

The main difference between shipping label types is the delivery speed. For example, a shipping label that promises delivery in 2 days is much more expensive than one that delivers in 7-10 days. Most shipping carriers offer their services in a variety of speeds, such as standard delivery (slow), expedited delivery (faster), and overnight delivery (fastest). Certain delivery speeds are not available for all locations.

When you set up your shipping, you should set your shipping prices according to the shipping speeds that you want to offer. For example, if you want to provide your customers with 2-day shipping, then you likely need to charge a lot more to cover your shipping costs than if you offered delivery within 7-10 days.

Labels also offer a certain amount of liability protection in case your shipment is damaged or lost. More expensive labels generally come with higher liability protection. If you're in the United States and purchase shipping labels through Mav Farm, then you can purchase additional shipping insurance.

On some labels, you can also purchase additional services for your shipping labels:

  • A tracking number - This provides you with a code that you can use to track where your package is during its delivery. You can also provide this code to your customers so that they can see when their package is expected to be delivered. Most faster shipping options come with a tracking number included, but sometimes you can add it to slower methods for a fee.

  • Signature confirmation - This lets you request a signature from the customer when the shipment is delivered. This helps to make sure a shipment is delivered to the correct person.

  • Proof of age - If you send goods that have an age restriction on them, such as alcohol, then you can add a request for the shipping courier to check the ID of the recipient.

Tracking numbers

Most labels come with a tracking code for you to track the progress of your order. You can give this tracking code to your customers so that they can track their package as well. Most customers prefer to receive a tracking number because it gives them an estimated date when the package will arrive, and helps them feel confident that they will receive their order.

Mav Farm shipping labels

Once a Vendor ships a brand order, a shipping label is created and purchased automatically. The pickup address is set to the brand warehouse address and items in the brand order are grouped in shipping boxes. Mav Farm generates a packing slip PDF that needs to be printed and placed on the package (contains the pickup and delivery address and bar code). Mav Farm also generates a packing slip PDF for the shipment with the products to be included in the shipment.

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