In addition to the Merchant Policies, follow these best practices to keep your shop in compliance.

  • Add inventory and keep it updated in your catalog. Avoid canceled orders by making sure that inventory is up to date so customers don't accidentally purchase items that are out of stock. This helps prevent negative feedback.

  • Include good product descriptions to encourage customers to buy from you. We tell you all the specifications to follow for your listings, titles, images, descriptions and variants.

Learn more about inventory management.

Best practices for shops with checkout

With checkout, your customers can complete purchases on our platforms. Follow these additional best practices to keep your shop in compliance.

Order fulfillment

  • Ship orders promptly. You must ship orders within a default of 3 business days or within the handling time specified. We recommend you ship orders with multiple items in a single shipment whenever possible.

  • Mark your orders as shipped. Depending on the type of shop you have, you can do this manually or create and buy shipping labels in Mav Farm Enterprise.

  • Provide valid tracking information. Customers use the tracking information to check their order status. Your money goes to the bank account you provided in Mav Farm Enterprise.

Customer support

  • Respond in 2 business days. Check your customer service email often so customers can reach you in case of issues. Quick replies build trust and shows customers that you value them.

  • Follow your return policy. Make sure that you're prepared to handle returns for items in new and unused condition up to 30 days from delivery. Avoid dispute claims by following all policies.


  • Set up a bank account for payouts. Usually, you get paid within 3 to 9 days and can check payout details in Mav Farm Enterprise.

  • Download financial reports and tax forms. Remit sales taxes we collect for you to the appropriate states using the financial reports in Mav Farm Enterprise.

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