Mav Farm Enterprise is a platform to set up a shop and manage sales on Mav Farm and .show. With Mav Farm Enterprise, you can choose where you want customers to complete their purchase:

  • On your website

  • On Mav Farm or .show with checkout

Depending on your choice, you can access different tools and settings in Mav Farm Enterprise. All sellers can:

  • Create and manage a Mav Farm shop and collections

  • See a summary of sales activities, catalog, issues to fix and suggested actions

  • View and manage items in a catalog

  • Get insights about customers and popular items

  • Explore ways to create campaigns to sell your products

  • Control commerce account settings, business information and Page permissions

Additionally, businesses with checkout can use Mav Farm Enterprise to:

  • Let people buy items directly on Mav Farm or .show

  • Offer Purchase Protection to customers

  • View payouts, manage finances, fulfill orders and process returns

  • Use an Inbox to respond to messages

  • See an overview of your delivery and customer service performance

  • Contact support to get help with Mav Farm Enterprise

Note: Businesses with checkout incur a selling fee. Learn more about our fees.

Who can use Mav Farm Enterprise

To sell items on Mav Farm platforms, you must:

  • Meet the Commerce Eligibility Requirements

  • Follow Mav Farm Merchant Policies and Commerce Policies

What information is required for Mav Farm Enterprise

All businesses must provide this information to set up Mav Farm Enterprise:

  • A Mav Farm Page

  • A commerce account with your details

  • A catalog with items you sell

Businesses with checkout must provide this information:

  • A business category and type

  • Bank account details for collecting payouts

  • A State Tax Registration Number for every state where the business operates, for tax purposes

  • A Federal Tax Identification Number that matches the business representative‚Äôs name for financial reporting

  • A business representative‚Äôs personal or business identity information to verify the authenticity of the business

  • Shipping options, return policy and a customer service email to set up customer service

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