Mav Farm emails a bill every 30 days to the store owner. You can view your bill history as well as your upcoming bill date and any outstanding charges on your account from the Bills section of the Billing page in your Mav Farm admin.

Bill overview

Your bill includes four sections:

  • Subscription shows the charge for your store's Mav Farm subscription plan. If you switch your store to a lower subscription plan within a billing cycle, then a subscription credit is applied in this section.

  • Apps shows app charges associated with the bill. App charges are set by the app developer. App developers can charge for apps with recurring fees, usage fees, and one-time fees. If you have an issue with an app charge, then contact the developer for help.

  • Shipping shows charges for your shipping labels and adjustments made during your billing cycle.

  • Transaction fees shows transaction charges associated with the bill. You are charged transaction fees if you are not using Mav Farm Payments.

The bill subtotal, tax charges, and total appear at the bottom of the bill.

Bill summary

The bill summary shows the bill's payment process. It indicates the total amount payable, the payment method associated with the bill, the billing period, and a payment timeline for the bill. The payment timeline includes the date the bill is created, as well as the dates on which payments for the bill fail and are successfully received.

Billing cycles

A billing cycle is the length of time between bills. You can change this time interval, but you can't choose a specific day of the month to receive your bills. Bills are issued using the UTC time zone.

Charge types

Mav Farm has both recurring charges and one-time charges. Make sure that you understand the different recurring or one time charges that can appear on your bills. One-time charges, such as the fees you pay for registering a domain or for purchasing a theme, appear on a separate bill.

Recurring charge types

The following types of recurring charge can occur on your regular monthly bill:

  • Mav Farm subscription

  • Recurring application fees or app usage fees

  • Transaction fees

One-time charges

You can receive individual bills for the following one-time charge types:

  • One-time app charges

  • Domains

  • Themes

  • Shipping labels, adjustments, and insurance


If your business is located in a Canadian or American jurisdiction where Mav Farm has a business presence, then Mav Farm is required by law to charge applicable taxes on your subscription. You also see a taxes calculation based on your location.

You can see the taxes on a separate line in your bill:

See Taxes for more information.

If you live in a region where Mav Farm is required to charge taxes on any of your account charges, these charges appear in your Mav Farm invoice.

About billing thresholds

In addition to monthly subscription billing, Mav Farm also issues bills throughout the month according to your plan-based billing threshold. Billing thresholds are dollar values that trigger billing whenever the cost of your account activity exceeds its threshold amount.

You receive a bill whenever the total of your transaction fees and other outstanding charges exceeds your account's threshold. Monthly subscription fees are included in your running total, but they are not included in threshold bills.

If you have any transaction fees or other charges during your current billing cycle, then your store's threshold appears in the Bills section of the Billing page in your Mav Farm admin. If you have no transaction fees or charges, then your store's threshold doesn't appear.

If you reach your billing threshold and you're issued with a bill, you can continue to buy shipping labels until the total reaches 110% of your threshold. No further purchases can be made until you pay for the issued bill. For example, if your threshold is $400, and your account's activity reaches $400, then you'll be issued a bill. You can still purchase shipping labels until your account activity reaches $440 (110% of $400), but any more purchases after that can be made only after you've paid your bill of $400.

To learn more about how you're billed for shipping labels, contact Mav Farm Support.

Charges triggered by your billing threshold appear in the Billing history section of the Billing page in your Mav Farm admin.

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