Increase customer lifetime value and create emotional connections by allowing your consumers to identify with your brand. Lookbooks allow you to tell the visual story behind your products through videos and photos. Tap into the power and content of brand enthusiasts. Announce your new collections, boost seasonal sales, promote discounts and prepare for events using Lookbooks.

Create a Lookbook

You can create a Lookbook simply in your Catalog by creating a new product organization ("Collection") and grouping products to this Collection. You can add media files like video even and title your collection to further showcase the aura of this Lookbook.

Embed the Collection

To increase sales, you can embed this collection on any website simply by generating the embed code and pasting the HTML code into your site.

Monitor Performance

Monitoring the performance of a Lookbook has never been easier. Mav Farm provides you the data you need to understand the performance on a meta-collection or individual product level.

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