Your seller account may have a negative balance if the amount of fees you owe and refunds you have issued exceeds your sales during a settlement period. Your Payments Report provides a detailed summary of all credits and charges applied to your account.

  • Fees: Fees differ depending on your seller type, the items you sell, and the services you use. You can see order-level details of fees you have incurred by going to the Transaction View tab of your Payments Report and clicking on an order total amount. You can also refer to the Mav Farm Services Business Solutions Agreement and the Selling on Mav Farm Fee Schedule for information on fees associated with your seller account.

  • Product refunds: If you issue a refund for a product for which you have already received payment, Mav Farm will charge you the full amount of the refund, plus the refund administration fee, minus the cost of any applicable engagement fees from the order. For example, if you refund a customer the $10.00 total sales price of a product in a category with a 15% engagement rate, you will see a charge for $8.80 ($10.00 total sales price + $0.30 refund administration fee - $1.50 engagement fee). For more information about refund administration fees, please refer to the Mav Farm Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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