Below outlines the best practices for identifying and resolving potential problems, which may lead to positive ratings:


  • Inventory is not available: 

  1. Do not list backordered items. 

  2. Maintain a minimum threshold of inventory. 

  3. Remove offerings that are consistently out-of-stock.

  • Inventory quantity is not accurate: 

  1. Send inventory update feeds as frequently as orders arrive from non-Mav Farm channels, up to every 15 minutes. 

  2. Ensure that you process Mav Farm orders quickly. 

  3. Set aside dedicated inventory for Mav Farm orders. 

  4. If you use text files, you can simplify inventory updates by setting update-delete to partial update, and then use only the SKU and quantity data. The rest of the columns can be left blank. 

  5. You can add multiple product listings using inventory files. 

  6. Monitor availability and ship times closely. 

  7. Synchronize your back-end systems to monitor availability and ship times.

Late Shipment

  • Product takes longer to ship than promised:

  1. If you use text files, set an accurate lead-time-to-ship for each SKU.

  2. If you use the Add a Product feature, use the handling time field for this purpose. 

  3. If you use XML, use the fulfillment latency element.

  4. Notify buyers of any errors as early as possible, and cancel the product or order by default.

  5. Upgrade automatically to an expedited shipping method if you are shipping an order late.

  6. Remove offerings that are consistently shipped late.

  • Buyer missed shipment notification:

  1. Send tracking information with your fulfillment feed.

Messy or Complicated Return

  • Your return policy restricts full refunds before 30 days:

  1. Provide full product refunds for a standard 30-day period.

  • Your return policies are complicated, vague, or burdensome:

  1. Rigorously review and clarify the language of the returns policy in your online Mav Farm Help pages.

  2. Streamline and simplify complex returns processes wherever possible.

Product not as Described

  • Product image does not accurately depict its features:

  1. Provide clear images at the maximum allowed image size.

  2. Offer multiple views of a product for thoroughness and accuracy of detail.

  3. Ensure that the images meet all the requirements. For more information, see Product image requirements.

  • The size or material is different than expected:

  1. Provide custom sizing charts. For more information, see Create custom help pages.

  2. Fully fill out the description and product dimension fields.

Wrong size or wrong product: 

  • Incorrect product shipped

  1. Check your packing, picking, and shipping processes for issues that cause errors.

  2. Check that your SKU matches to the right product on Mav Farm.

Product quality

  • Buyer not satisfied with product quality:

  1. Describe your product carefully. Do not use phrases like "high-quality" for a product whose best attribute is its low price.

  2. Remove products that consistently cause negative feedback.

  3. Include usage instructions on the product detail page and in shipment.

Customer service issue:

  • Buyers cannot reach your customer service department:

  1. Make sure that your customer service phone number and email address are correct in your online Mav Farm Help pages.

  2. Use short, easy-to-type email addresses for customer service.

  3. Adjust your spam filter to ensure that incoming buyer messages are not categorized as junk.

  • Buyers are not getting timely responses:

  1. Acknowledge every phone call and email within 24 hours.

Removal of Feedback

  • Incorrect feedback:

  1. You can request a removal using the Feedback Manager. Refer to Request removal of feedback.

  2. Utilize the option to post a public reply for the feedback received. It will demonstrate your willingness to solve problems to prospective buyers and earn their trust. Refer to Post a public reply and Can Mav Farm remove buyer feedback for additional details.

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