If you ship from an area where natural disasters and/or weather events, such as earthquakes or extreme precipitation, have recently impeded transportation access, there might be delays in carriers’ pick-up and delivery. To avoid negative impact to customers, follow the below procedures when you expect a delay in shipping.

If you expect carriers will need additional time to complete pickup of your orders because your Ship From Location is located in an affected area, you can increase your handling time. If carriers are picking up on time for you, you do not need to do anything. Amazon automatically calculates and updates any changes needed in transit time due to large-scale transportation issues, so no action is required on your part. For more information, see Modify handling time.

If you are unable to ship at all, set your account status to Inactive.

Communication to buyers

If a natural disaster affects your ability to fulfill existing orders, we recommend you inform buyers that it will take longer than expected to deliver the order by using Buyer-Seller Messages. 

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